Valencia Soccer Academy value is to educate and to train free and independent people, with a strong intellectual background and values that enable them to meet the challenges of an increasingly globalized world, creating an emotional framework.



For this, VSA will build a proper framework which purpose is the satisfaction of all members of the educational community (students, families and teachers). This will be achieved through getting the objectives set out in the education project, creating an optimal organizational structure and the developing policies that encourage the personal and professional workers.



Dynamic and innovative character with the aim of being at the forefront of the latest methodological trends encouraging the using of new technologies applied to education.


Commitment to quality education through the introduction and development of management systems in accordance with internationally accepted models.


The development of an educational project that promotes values:


Respect, tolerance, responsibility towards the group, the culture of the effort and development of intellectual curiosity.

Respect the body through specific programmers that promote the realization of physical and sporting activities and the acquisition of healthy habits.

Awareness of belonging to an increasingly global world that demands respect and knowledge of other cultures and the acquisition of basic skills that allows communication with them.

To encourage formal education and adequate social and living habits.


Social commitment through the development of projects aiming to raise awareness, raise awareness and involve in them the entire educational community.


Responsibility to the environment, developing policies designed to preserve the natural environment and the promotion of attitudes that favor the achievement of these objectives among all members of the educational community.



We are fully aware that education is much more than teach, and why our educational project is based on three fundamental aspects:

We are fully aware that education is much more than teach, and why our educational project is based on three fundamental aspects:


A solid education in values to ensure the holistic development of our students and prepare them for the demands of the future. Promote values such a respect, tolerance, solidarity, responsibility towards work, taste for culture and development of intellectual curiosity are essential objectives of our educational project.


In a solid curriculum, preparation for not only acquiring an important base training, but it will develop all the tools and skills that will enable them to something as important as “learning to learn”.


An important formation in language that guarantees that at the end of their school life, our students have acquired a high level of skills in the use of English or Spanish, essential in an increasingly global world and at the same time more demanding. All this without forgetting such important aspects as the use of the new technologies, the use of the computer in classes and modern telecommunication tools, or the promotion of sports, both essential for our project complements.